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Dogs & Pups Boost Supplement is a daily health boost that will help to keep your dog happy & healthy! Great for gut function, gut flora, joint function, immune support, overall health, itchy skin, and coat condition. 250 grams.

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Dogs & Pups Boost Supplement is a tried and proven formula, but now with the addition of Greenshell Mussel Powder (GlycOmega™) – GSMP is a superfood that’s high in protein, Omega 3’s, Chondroitin & Glucosamine – Great support for your pet’s joints!

Each ingredient in our ‘Dogs & Pups Boost’ has been hand-picked to support a range of health benefits for your dog:

Beef Meal
Rich source of protein & calcium.

Crushed Linseed
High in fibre to assist with digestion. Great source of Omega 3 fatty acids to support skin & coat condition.

Dried Yeast
Pre-biotics to assist with gut function & gut flora.

NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder (GlycOmega™)
Natural source of Chondroitin & Glucosamine for joint function.

Garlic Powder
Natural antioxidant & immune support.

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Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding

Small Dog (5-15kg) — ½ – 2½ teaspoons per day
Medium Dog (15-30kg) — 2½ – 4½ teaspoons per day
Large Dog (30-40kg+) — 4½ – 6 teaspoons per day


Serving Instructions

Simply sprinkle over your dog’s food once a day following the daily feeding guide above.




For intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Not for human consumption. Suitable for dogs from 6 months of age.



To maintain freshness, keep this container sealed & store in a cool dry place.


10 reviews for Dogs Supplement Two for $60

  1. May Wilson (verified owner)

    Have been using this for years a d find it an excellent supplement for skin and coat. Would highly recommend it

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    You used to have a similar product many years ago which was good. This is even better. My dog loves it.

  3. Venus szklanka (verified owner)

    Well what can i say it works my fur baby is in puppy mode and she 12 years old. She was very depressed slept all the time an struggled with movement shes not cured but a huge difference we are so happy will be getting NRG again without a doubt thankyou thankyou.

  4. Hannah

    We got this after our cocker spaniel Macy started chewing her feet. We add to her meals once a day and no more issues. She’s loves it and we love the dry feet!

  5. Nicole Anderson (verified owner)

    Both my 10 month old GSP love their puppy boost! They have beautiful shinny coats and most of all have solid stools and a healthy gut:)

  6. Nicole (verified owner)

    Amazing product both my GSP 8 month old boys love it! Made a massive difference to their skin and ears! Less itching and scratching and licking at their ears and paws.
    Made their stools more solid too 😉 happy fur baby mummy .

  7. Bronwyn Wilson (verified owner)

    Has helped my 13+ year old border collie put on weight and improve his coat. He was eating twice as much food but loosing condition- now he looks so much healthier. Also give to my new puppy who loves it.
    Of note I gave to my first border collie when he reached 10 and it improved his mobility and overall health.

  8. Vicki (verified owner)

    I have tried many products. I have a long haired german sheperd those fur was dropping out going bald in places. much better now thank you.

  9. Claire (verified owner)

    Very happy with NRG supplement my dogs are scratching less and poo firmed up. Customer service is excellent and delivery next day,perfect

  10. Kay Rennie (verified owner)

    NRG is amazing for our dogs. They are on a raw diet so giving them NRG Boost we know that they are getting a healthy supplement. Our older male dog suffered from stiff joints. NRG has helped his joints and he is a happier guy.

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