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Started in 1997

NRG Plus has been a household name in the NZ Pet Food industry since 1997. What started as humble beginnings with our original dog supplement has now turned into a full pet food range for both dogs and cats, available throughout NZ and offshore through our export markets.

100% NZ Owned and Operated

We have stayed true to our core values – keeping pets 100% natural and are proud to say we are still 100% NZ Family owned and operated.

NRG Plus continues to grow each year and we strive to bring your pets fresh, healthy pet food made right here in NZ.

NRG Plus - Dogs and Pups Supplements New Zealand
nrg plus dog treats


Moggie Magic

Along with our NRG+ dog supplement we have “Moggie Magic ™” – which is a natural supplement specifically tailored to the needs of kittens and cats.

Our new and improved recipe sample is out now – Try a Sample

Active Pet Treats

We’re also proud to introduce our active pet treats for cats and active pet treats for dogs. More than just a meat treat – Specifically formulated to help improve your dog and cats health and vitality. These NZ grass-fed lamb treats are freeze-dried, preservative-free, 100% grain-free and contain all-natural ingredients.


Raw Complete and Balanced Diets

And wait there’s more, we have our NRG+ Complete and Balanced Diets now available in 5kg and 10kg boxes.


Love this product. Keeps my dogs in lovely condition and fixed my old boys itchy skin in only 2 weeks. Highly recommend to anyone who has a dog with skin problems or dogs that just need a boost in condition.


I just want to say that our lil dog Levi is doing so well since he started NRG+, hardly scratches anymore and best thing is that he loves the taste of it too!! I will always recommend NRG+ to other dog owners as I have seen what it has done for my lil boy!!


We are on our second packet of NRG. We have a Jack Russell and he used to shed everywhere!! He now doesn't - incredible! Punter loves it too - he usually leaves his food until night time waiting to see if we are having something he'd prefer but now he eats it straight away. We wouldn't stop using it now.


I gave it 2 my dog and the difference was unbelievable. Dog has now a beautiful coat and full of energy. Fully recommend.


Been giving NRG+ to my Chocolate Lab for 1 year now. I personally stand behind this Natural product and have recommended to my friends. His coat is shiny, his attitude has improved, and he a much happier dog. A week before taking him out hunting I double his dose and he has more energy and I get the best I have ever got from him (he is 9). A+


We have had the most amazing results with NRG+ our labrador was suffering with joint problems, since using the product he has a new lease of life and is able to enjoy life again. Thank you so much.


Just tried Moggie Magic! My cat has sneezed for the last 2 years now after just 1 packet (6 weeks) she hasn't sneezed once. I left her without Moggie Magic for 1 week and sneezing started again. I have put in an order for 3 more bags. Amazing stuff thank you so much


I bought some dog boots for my dog and was given a small sample of NRG+. My dog has never looked back. He has allergies to grass, dog bones, meat and many other things. The vet put him on prednil 3 times p/w. He is now down to 1 p/m. A lot less itches and beautiful shiny coat. Thank you heaps NRG


My black whippet Quilla has colour related alopecia and has had bald patches and scratching problems since maturity (she's 4) and on regular doses of Atopica. Since giving her NRG regularly she has stopped scratching, her fur has regrown and I hardly ever have to give her Atopica any more.

Kim Orlando-Reep

I have had a Bullmastiff dog with terrible allergies, he has been on a allergy treatment from the States for nearly two years. One of you guys came to Christchurch last November and handed out samples, I saw a huge difference within days, I was sold there and then. Have told everyone I know about your product, thank you so much

Kathy Brown

Thank you thank you thank you NRG you have given my elderly dog back her life. He has changed for the better, easier getting up, walking, stairs. He is so happy now


Am having great results from this product with my collie x that has a very very sensitive stomach where he was digging holes to eat the dirt all the time..hardly any hole digging now that hes been on it...Fantastic