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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

I can't login

If you have forgotten your password, see the I forgot my password FAQ.

For your username, you can use either your email address or your username.

Your username is the first part of your email address, eg. [email protected] would-be user.

If you have forgotten your username please email [email protected] and we will get your details for you.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password here.

How do I manage my account?

To view the details of your account, visit my account page.

From my account dashboard, you can see all of your: past orders, current subscriptions, shipping address, and other account details.

On the account details page, you can update your account email address or password.

How do I see my past orders?

To view your previous orders, go to my account dashboard and navigate to orders.

From here you can see all of your payment histories.

How do I make a re-order?

Before you make another order, be sure to login to your account. This way your shipping details will be remembered from before.

To make another order just head to the product you wish to purchase and buy another as before.

To turn a subscription back on, go to my account dashboard and head to subscriptionsView your subscription then re-enable it.

Where do I put my discount coupon code?

At the top of the checkout page, you will see an area where you can enter your coupon code.

Once you have entered your code, click the Apply Coupon button.

I didn’t get an email for my order

You may have entered your email address incorrectly, login using your username and password to check your order.

Otherwise, the order may not have gone through or is being processed. Login and check your orders to see if it was completed.

If you need another copy of your order confirmation, please email [email protected] and we can send it again.

How does Afterpay and Zip work?

Please note:
These do not work with NRG+ subscriptions. Some may have a minimum spend amount.

zip logo



How zip works

Subscription Info

How do I edit my subscription?

Go to my account dashboard and navigate to subscriptions.

From here you can:

  • Suspend (pause) your current subscription
  • Cancel your current subscription
  • Change address
  • Change payment (update credit card)
  • Renew your next payment early (good if you’ve run out of product and want to order earlier)

Changing the delivery frequency or size (if available):

1) Click on the orange button “Change Your Subscription“.


2) This will take you to the product page. Here you can update the subscription. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button once you are happy with the change.


3) You’ll be taken to the cart page. Here you can review your change.

In the example below, we are ‘downgrading’ the raw diet subscription from a 10kg to a 5kg box. If we were changing it from a 5kg box to a 10kg box, this would then say ‘upgrade’.

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ once you are happy.

4) The next screen is the checkout and where you can check your address, and it will display your order details one last time. If you are happy with the change you can click the ‘Place Order’ button. Done!

Important to Know

If you are ‘upgrading’ the size of a raw diet subscription from the cheaper 5kg to a 10kg box you will need to pay at the checkout stage.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

I have a subscription but I have already run out of product, can I order early?

Yes! If you have an active subscription, and you have run out of the product and you want to order early, you can log in to your subscription and click the ‘renew now’ link.

renew sub early

We will get the order notification, and we’ll send out your delivery!

This means you never have to wait until the next renewal payment date. If you renew early the next payment date will appropriately be adjusted.

if you need help please email us and we’ll update your order for you.

My credit card has failed or expired for my subscription - how do I add a new credit card one?

Go to my account dashboard and navigate to subscriptions.

You will see a list of your subscriptions – Click the one you want to update the payment details on.

From here you can go to the Change payment link.


It will then take you to the below screen, if you have multiple subscriptions you have the option to tick update all.


In the following screen, you can enter your new credit card details.

Shipping Info

What are your shipping prices?

Non-rural is $9.00. Anywhere in NZ
Rural is $12. Anywhere in NZ

Free Shipping for orders over $80.00 (non-rural only). And $5 shipping for rural orders over $80.00.

We ship overnight using NZ Couriers to make sure it gets to your door as fast as possible.

  • Deliveries received before 10.30 am Monday – Thursday will ship the same day.
  • Deliveries received after 10.30 am Thursday will ship the following Monday morning.