Cat Supplement

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Moggie Magic Supplement is a daily health boost for your best mate! Great for gut function, gut flora, joint function, immune support, overall health, itchy skin, and coat condition.


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Moggie Magic Cat Supplement

✓ 15+ Years Helping New Zealand Cats
✓ Formulated by NZ-Registered Animal Nutritionists
✓ No Artificial Colours or Preservatives
✓ 100% Natural Ingredients
✓ All Breeds of Cats
✓ Net Weight 250g
✓ Available on Subscription


✓ Joint Function
✓ Immune Support
✓ Skin & Coat Condition
✓ Gut Function
✓ Gut Flora
✓ Overall Health

Give it a try today. Your cat will thank you for it!


Additional information

Weight250 g


Daily Feeding

Small Cat (3-4kg) — ½ teaspoon per day
Medium Cat (5-6kg) — 1 teaspoon per day
Large Cat (7-8kg+) — 1½ teaspoons per day

Serving Instructions

Simply sprinkle over your cat’s food once a day following the daily feeding guide above.



Dried Yeast
Pre-biotics to assist with gut function & gut flora

Fish Meal
High-quality protein with Omega 3 fatty acids to support skin & coat condition

Beef Liver Meal
Rich in essential vitamins & minerals to support overall health

NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder
Natural source of chondroitin & glucosamine for joint function

Garlic Powder
Natural antioxidant & immune support



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How do we send Moggie Magic?

We ship our supplements on ‘overnight delivery’ using NZ Couriers to ensure it gets to your door as fast as possible. Once your supplement arrives, please store it in a cool, dry place.



hjlee111 – May 25, 2023
After trying the supplement for my dog, I thought I’d try this for my cat as well. He is a bit of a fussy eater and did not finish his meals with the supplement for the first few times but now he is loving it. His coat is also shinier and softer. Highly recommended for cats!

Carolyn P – March 27, 2023
My fussy cats really love it, to my surprise 😁 my big girl has improved mobility also. I was truly skeptical as I have tried feeding them numerous products and it was just a waste of time and money, excellent product.

Sheryl B – February 13, 2023
Great product. Had my cat at the vet four visits since Christmas with a very bad viral infection causing sneezing and a gooey nose. Within a week of using NRG no more symptoms and is enjoying her food again. Thank you.