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Moggie Magic is a daily health boost that will help to keep your cat happy & healthy! Great for gut function, gut flora, joint function, immune support, overall health, itchy skin, and coat condition.

Each ingredient in our ‘Moggie Magic’ has been hand-picked to support a range of health benefits for your cat:

Dried Yeast
Pre-biotics to assist with gut function & gut flora.

Fish Meal
High-quality protein with Omega 3 fatty acids to support skin & coat condition.

Freeze Dried Beef Liver Meal
Rich in essential vitamins & minerals to support overall health.

NZ Greenshell Mussel Powder (GlycOmega™)
Natural source of chondroitin & glucosamine for joint function.

Garlic Powder
Natural antioxidant & immune support.

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Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding

Small Cat (3-4kg) — ½ teaspoon per day
Medium Cat (5-6kg) — 1 teaspoon per day
Large Cat (7-8kg+) — 1½ teaspoons per day


Serving Instructions

Simply sprinkle over your cat’s food once a day following the daily feeding guide above.




For intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Not for human consumption. Suitable for cats from 6 months of age.



To maintain freshness, keep this container sealed & store in a cool dry place.


4 reviews for Cat Supplement Two for $60

  1. Damalidollz

    As a breeder I wanted to find a product that supported my kittens gut health when transitioning from breastfeeding to solids since using magic moggie it’s been an absolute breeze. My adult cats also LOVE the topper as well they lick the topper before they consume anything else.
    I brought the product from animates but just wanted to tell you guys how thrilled I am with it. Keep up the good work 👏 🙌 👍

  2. Carolin (verified owner)

    One of our cats was occasionally vomiting after eating, and then it was becoming more regular. She has not vomited since starting on Moggie Magic. We are only 10 days in, but so far so good! They very happy to eat it sprinkled on their raw food.

  3. Diane Rowe (verified owner)

    My cats love it

  4. Rachelle Tapara

    Great to hear Helen! Thanks, Rachelle

  5. Helen O’Connor (verified owner)

    My 2 cars adore this!

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