Dogs & Pups + Dog Food + Bites

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Dog Supplement:
•Dogs & Pups Boost

Food Options:
• Lamb
• Chicken
• Beef
• Fish & Lamb

Bite Options:
• Green Lipped Mussels
• Hoki Bites
• King Salmon Bites
• King Salmon Slices
• Lamb Liver
• Beef Heart

Learn more about the individual products here:
Dogs & Pups Boost | Dog Food | Meat Bites

Additional information

Dog Supplement

Dogs & Pups Boost

Meat Bites

Green-Lipped Mussels, Hoki Bites, King Salmon Bites, King Salmon Slices, Lamb Liver, Beef Heart

Dog Food

Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Fish & Lamb

Dogs & Pups

Daily Feeding

Small Dog (5-15kg) — ½ – 2½ teaspoons per day
Medium Dog (15-30kg) — 2½ – 4½ teaspoons per day
Large Dog (30-40kg+) — 4½ – 6 teaspoons per day

Serving Instructions

Simply sprinkle over your dog’s food once a day following the daily feeding guide above.


For intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Not for human consumption. Suitable for dogs from 6 months of age.


To maintain freshness, keep this container sealed & store it in a cool dry place.

Dog Food

Serving Instructions

  1. Training treat
  2. Meal topper – Break up and sprinkle on top of your pets’ meal
  3. Complete meal – You will need to rehydrate this food before serving – please add warm water and soak for 20 minutes (use equal parts water to food).

Safe Handling

Wash hands thoroughly after handling pet food and ensure your pet’s bowl is washed after each meal. Discard any leftover food from the bowl if not eaten.


Daily Feeding

Break into small pieces to feed, or rehydrate with clean warm water for 5 minutes until softened.

These bites should make up no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calorie intake. Please supervise your pet when feeding to avoid choking.


For intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Not for human consumption.


To maintain freshness, store the bag in a cool and dry place.


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