Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers

Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers are a meaty crumble that you add to your cat or dog’s regular meals to boost the taste and nutritional value.
✓ Grain Free ✓ 100% Natural ✓ No Artificial Colours ✓ No Preservatives ✓ Convenient
We have four tasty flavours to pick from: Lamb, Beef, Fish & Chicken


Toppers are so versatile! They’re perfect for mixing with kibble, sprinkling on top of raw food, making it into a paste for lick mats, or filling up your pet’s favourite KONG toy. They’re packed with over 92% real meat & organs, and full of essential vitamins & minerals that your pet needs to thrive! Simply sprinkle on your pet’s food & watch them lick their bowl clean!

Comes in two bulk sizes so you can start whipping up tasty and nutritious bowls for your pets:
2kg Bulk box for $30 — save $89.96 | 4kg Bulk box for $60 — save $179.92